WAO 2017

This year I had great plans to attent the World Agility Open 2017 in Ermelo. After my experience as official photographer for the WAO 2015 and for the WAC in 2016 I prepared a to-do list that would rock this years event coverage. Eventually I was only able to attent the WAO 2017 for one full day and instead of following my preparations I started in the morning and shot all day long for as much as I was able to. Finally all photos are processed and can be viewed online. Have a great time recalling all those memories!

I feel like I need to apologise for my absence the remaining days of the event. I had great photography plans for this year, only life had bigger plans for us 😉 Just one week before the WAO we got a call there was a match for domestic adoption and already one week after the WAO we had a daughter in our house. Crazy times! But I can assure you, it feels great to be parents! That’s also the reason it took some time (well, a lot of time you might say) to proces all photos.

Now we all can recall memories from the WAO 2017 and review some great agility moments. It was a wonderful day and I saw great runs that day. Enough with the talking, let’s view some highlights!

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Highlights WAO 2017

Note: these are the same highlights as I posted on Facebook

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